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Government Consulting

Government Consulting Services

ACG has a proven track record of providing project management consulting, public policy and administration guidance to the government. We ensure your projects are on time and within budget — it’s what we do best!

Featured Services

Grant Writing

Grant writing is essential to support various efforts by funding community development, natural disaster relief programs, infrastructure improvements for your organization or agency – there is not a project too big or too small that we cannot offer support.  To increase your chances to secure funding, is to ensure that you have an experienced team who can handle the grant application details.  

Grant Administration

At Affinity Consulting Group, Grant Administration is a service that will help organizations better manage their grant or contract funding. We are equipped with professionals who have managed over $80 million in funding without any audit findings, and the projects were managed with fidelity.

Community Development

We believe in the power of an organization to make a positive impact on society and the environment. That’s why we provide services for sustainable development projects, clean water initiatives, historical preservation efforts, indigenous rights protection, infrastructure improvements and more. Our goal is to help you meet your needs while also making an impact on our world.

Disaster Recovery Administration

We have experience working with FEMA agencies to aid in the recovery process so we are familiar with the expectations, the urgency, and the ability to know exactly what to do to alleviate concerns and overextending budgets, so that your organization can focus on the most important matter at hand.

Our Expertise

  • ACG will provide your team, project or organization with insights on you competitors, target audience and trends.
  • ACG understands that good ideas sometimes need help finding their footing. We’ll assist you in creating a strategic model that aligns with your objectives in a cost-effective and low-risk way.
  • We're experts at assessing existing company resources for alignment with project objectives and developing a strategy to attract an increase in private sector commitments that can be used as leverage with large returns on investment that have meaningful results and a large community impact.
  • Optimization of key performance indicators and business performance is vital to improving efficiency and effectiveness. We will assist any agency with improving service levels, developing process redesigns, drafting new standard operating procedures or project plans, reducing costs, and increasing cost avoidance for our government clients.

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